Perfect Kicco Capsule Extraction

Understanding t​​he way you like and drink your coffee it is important to us. That is why we would like to tell you a bit more about how to extract the best out of our capsules to suit your preferences.

The average small take away cup of coffee at your local store consists of 206.5 ml of milk + 30 ml of espresso.
This espresso shot is made by brewing 9 to 10g of grounded coffee. Now, the average Nespresso®* pod contains 5 to 5.5g grounded coffee Which is far less than your average small coffee bought at your local store.

As Kicco capsules are designed to be compatible with Nespresso®* machines, we use the same amount of coffee but here we will tell you how to deliver the same experience of a coffee shop at home.

For milk coffee
1x capsule (25 ml coffee) for 120 ml of milk: piccolo latte
2x capsules (50 ml coffee) for 210 ml of milk: small coffee
3x capsules (75 ml coffee) for 280 ml of milk: medium coffee
3x capsules (75 ml coffee) for 400 ml of milk: large coffee

For long black
2x capsules (50 ml coffee) pour on top of 180 ml hot water


Capsule Tips
Some capsule machines need to be purged before making a coffee to avoid water to get into your shot.
Pre program your machine for short espresso 20 ml and long espresso 25 ml.


* Kicco is not affiliated with trademark of third party. Nespresso® is a trademark of Societe Des Produits Nestle SA