What separates Kicco coffee from the rest? The secret is in the roast. Our beans are roasted locally in small batches, allowing us greater control over consistency, freshness and flavour.

The roasting process begins with coffee beans sourced from premium estates. All our beans come from rich soils with low acidic levels and minimal pesticides. The best beans are hand-selected and the inferior ones discarded. This process of selection is very important because just one unsuitable bean can spoil the entire roast.

The coffee beans are then roasted for 10 to 15 minutes at around 250 degrees. They are kept moving throughout the whole process so they don’t burn. The beans slowly turn from green to brown, doubling in size and release oil trapped inside. This oil gives the coffee its aroma and flavour. As the beans cook, gases within them increase and eventually they rupture creating a cracking sound known as “first crack”.

Depending on the desired blend, the beans may need to be roasted for a longer period of time causing a “second crack”. At this stage beans darken more rapidly and it’s important to monitor them closely as they can become burnt.

Once the desired colour and blend have been achieved, the beans are removed from the roasting machine and placed into a cooling vat so they don’t continue to cook. Once cool, the roasted batch is taste tested and approved for consumption.